Why say yes to our 4 Week Summer Season Reset?

Feel more alive, more resilient and literally… RESET! 

If this isn’t enough, here are some more reasons…

Your health depends on your ability to tune into your body’s needs. With our seasonal resets, we give you a step by step roadmap to tune in based on foods, specific organ systems and energetics that are matched with the Summer Season. 

You get the opportunity to break habits that are weighing you down and start fresh with a new lens on your health!

How does it work?

After signing up, you will immediately receive a welcome email with details on how to prepare yourself for the Reset to come. Your first week’s content, recipe collection and meditation will be delivered to your inbox the following Monday. 

Each week that follows, you will receive an email with additional audio modules that build on the content before. It is important to absorb the information in order and don’t consider the week done until you have implemented the recommendations. Our goal is to take the guesswork and restriction out of dietary choices. Basing food and lifestyle decisions around what works best for your body from season to season. 

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Topics we will cover...

-> Feeding yourself in the Summer Season
-> The organ systems to nurture 
-> Unlock the energetics of the Summer to work with your reset
-> Learn the language of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
-> and so much more!

"For the last three years Radiate Wellness has inspired me to view self care through a different lens. A view inspired by the knowledgeable and sincere practitioners who are always there to answer questions and lend support to my health journey. The many courses around Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Seasonal Changes have brought awareness to learning when and what to eat and drink while working with nature to improve my health, and feel great! What we eat and how we live can affect how we experience seasonal changes and TCM shows us multiple ways to make seasonal changes easier and healthier.
Thank you team at Radiate Wellness!"
- Angela T.
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