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A 40 Day virtual functional nutrition program with at home lab testing to identify your tailored plan of action. This program is designed to remove the guesswork, help you improve how you feel and feel confident in your choices. Gathering the data you need with implementation and support, brings your path into the light and puts you in the driver’s seat.
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"I loved my experience in The Shift Academy. Frankie is very knowledgeable, and willing to share whatever you want to know, If she doesn’t have the answer she will research it and get back to you. I love the small groups, and that there is a topic for each call, but also a chance to ask any and all of the questions you have. Being in a group setting you learn just from others questions and answers too. Frankie is easy going, so in turn her program isn’t intimidating , just warm and inviting. She also knows that it’s more than just taking supplements, there is a mind body connection that needs to be addressed. How you think effects your health. The quiet time meditations are a sweet little treat that you can go back to when ever you need . There are recipes to help support you while going through the different parts of the program, it’s always nice to have some new ideas pertaining to food. Most of all I’m just really glad I found her, it amazes me how much influence we have on our health just by what we eat and do or don’t do. - Karen M.

"If you are someone who follows doctor's orders and yet still is left searching for answers to why you still don't feel yourself, this program is for you. The Shift Academy with Frankie Leigh will help you understand the root causes of why you may be doing "all the right things" and still not feeling your best. Frankie creates such a warm and welcoming community that makes it easy to open up and share our journeys, which is so beneficial to everyone in the program. You quickly learn you are not alone in your search for answers and that your symptoms are often shared within the group. Having that type of community has been a blessing. While we were each on our own path to wellness, we were able to share and learn from each other as well as from Frankie."
- Jacqueline H.
Here's What You'll Get:
  • 6 Weeks of step by step Wellness Mentorship with Frankie Leigh *Valued at $1800
  • 5 ESSENTIAL, at-home Functional Lab tests (the ones you have been searching for) to inform your personalized plan *Valued at $1200
  • 6 group nutrition appointments for weekly support and Q&A to learn how to feel confident in your nutrition choices *Valued at $450
  •  Weekly Deep Dive Integrative Health classes on the most important topics in women’s health  *Valued at $900
  • Q&A Calls to answer any and all of your questions to make sure you feel supported and guided every step of the way. This will be a combo of pre-submitted and conversational questions (join live or watch the appointment recordings) *Valued at $300
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See What ACTUAL Clients Have To Say...
"I feel like I was stumbling around, getting closer and closer to what needed to happen to work towards my best self. It all came together with this group!! I have data and a knowledgeable person helping me map out my plan, I have the support of a wonderful and strong group of women who shared their stories and gave me hope! It's the whole package here - just what I've been looking for for so long!!! Thanks!!! :)"
- Julia W.

"The Shift Academy was the program that I so desperately needed. The program was my answer to unexplained health conditions and years of frustration that were not being addressed by the medical field. Frankie's attention to details in all that she does can not be matched. The Shift Academy focuses on the whole body and mind with individual care that is supported by a small community of like minded individuals. The program is filled with in depth content that is broken down and delivered in a well thought-out plan. Questions were always encouraged and welcomed. The one on one calls with Frankie during the program, provided evidence of the level of care and concern that Frankie has for each individual that she works with. During the calls, Frankie pays attention to details and provides each member with a step by step personalized approach to improve their health and wellbeing. She is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. The Shift Academy program is a program that keeps on giving!"
- Kay M.

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