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$49 every month
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  • Weekly LIVE EVENTS, including live Q&As, health strategy sessions, hot seat coaching, top notch guest speakers, co-cooking classes + quarterly masterclasses encouraging you to take the next step
  • THE PIVOT PROJECT a self-paced, 6 module course complete with over 30 classes on mastering your mindset, pivoting your health future, creating a health care team and your next best steps to taking your health into your own hands
  • MEMBERS ONLY COMMUNITY a private community serving as your soft landing place to set goals, get feedback, ask questions, celebrate wins big or small, AND connect with a group of women just like you - who GET IT
  • MONTHLY COOKING CLASSES because it all starts in the kitchen and we want yours to be the best restaurant in town! Cook together, eat together, enjoy together!
  • SHIFT SECRET RELEASES first dibs on our programs BEFORE they launch to the public, private coaching options and the chance to get in on testing specials just for you
  • MEMBER PORTAL featuring bite-sized tutorials and how-tos on tracking your health data, the cause and effect of your chronic symptoms, the wellness non-negotiables and a roadmap to becoming your best health advocate 
  • BONUS! SUGAR RESET CHALLENGE 10 Days to reprogram your taste buds! Go behind the scenes of your cravings to unpack the emotions and the physiological triggers of sugar addiction
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